About the Author

Fred 2020 3-2Fred Clavel, Ph.D.

Doctor of Philosophy
Social Psychology
with Quantitative Psychology Focus

Iowa State University. Ames, IA.

Master of Arts
Psychology with Quantitative Focus.

New York University. New York, NY.

Bachelor of Science

Fordham University. Bronx, NY.

I am a Data Scientist with a doctorate in quantitative and social psychology. My research background is in stress, social support, and health in close relationships with a dual emphasis on substantive questions and quantitative issues.

My quantitative interests include modeling simultaneous correspondence phenomena using dyadic data, using intensive longitudinal designs to examine individual and dyad-level change, modeling functional and contextualized interdependence in dyads and groups over time, and examining & developing methods of study design, power analysis, assessment, and data analysis.

I have taught several 400-level courses on psychological measurement, with a focus on topics such as scale construction, descriptive and inferential data analysis & interpretation, scale integrity assessment, and applied testing and assessment. I have also served as a consulting data analyst, methodologist, and psychometrician for numerous academic, non-profit, and industry clients. I also have interest and expertise in issues of data collection and management, cross-platform software utilization for data management & analysis, and programming for research and data management.

I am also a past contributor to Luvze (formerly Science of Relationships) (click here to read my past SofR articles).

Follow me on Twitter: @FDClavel

Header photo by Ben Cooper, 2009.




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