Consulting & Tutoring

I currently offer consultation and tutoring services to undergraduate and graduate students, early career professionals in academia (e.g., post-docs, assistant professors, and other scholarly research scientist positions) as well as non-profit and industry professionals who are seeking assistance with issues of methodology, data analysis, data management, and statistics. I can advise and assist on course projects, theses/dissertations, as well as applied data analysis and management issues in industry and non-profit settings. Please use the contact form below to obtain a quote.

My areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

  • Research Design for Hypothesis Testing
  • Methodological Troubleshooting
  • Data Management for Simple and Complex Designs
  • Longitudinal Research Design and Data Analysis
  • Dyadic (i.e., couples) Research Design and Data Analysis
  • Interpretation of statistical results
  • Simple Data Analysis:
    • Correlation and Simple & Multiple Linear Regression
    • ANOVA and MANOVA
    • Chi-square Tests of Independence
    • t-tests and related univariate analyses
    • Reliability Analysis
  • Complex Data Analysis:
    • Logistic, Probit, & Poisson Regression; Polynomial Regression
    • Mediation Analysis
    • Moderated Mediation Analysis
    • IRT analysis
    • Path Analysis & Structural Equation Modeling
    • Latent Variable Growth Curve Modeling
    • Multilevel Modeling (i.e., hierarchical linear modeling; nested designs)
    • Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis
  • Scale Development & Validity Testing
  • Management of Missing Data
  • Power Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Simulation for study development, teaching, and training

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