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This site features a collection of materials for research and training in psychology and related sciences.

My goal is to provide training, tools, and tips in quantitative & substantive areas of psychological research, and to do so with a healthy dose of clarity, conversational ease, humor, and a dash of levity. In my experience, students can learn very effectively when abstract material is presented in everyday language with a patient, conversational tone. I would never have gotten through my earliest days of statistical training without this kind of instruction, so now I’m paying it forward.

I’ve developed these materials with the student researcher in mind, but you may find them useful at any level of your training and/or career. As I pick up new & useful techniques and develop new tools for methods and analysis, I’ll share them here.

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  • Access my materials on statistics, data analysis, and data management.
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  • Contact me for consultation or tutoring in statistics, data analysis, & data management.
  • Connect with my affiliates in psychology and related social sciences.
All views expressed & materials presented on this website are my own. They are not representative of, or endorsed by any of my affiliated institutions, organizations, or fellow scholars.
DISCLAIMER: Please use all tools and materials on this website at your discretion. I cannot be held responsible for any negative consequences arising from your use of any of the tools or materials found on this site. I cannot guarantee that any of the tools provided here will be 100% effective (but I’ve certainly tried to make them so). I develop these tools & learning materials to the extent that my expertise and time allows (and to the extent that my work and/or my colleagues’ work has necessitated them). With that said, I do hope you find them useful for your research & training!

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