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Here are a few tools designed specifically for use with Mplus.

All tools are available for free download.

Model Fit Aggregator (v1.2)

The Model Fit Aggregator is a tool I designed for use with Mplus. It allows you to use the model fit information from any model you estimate via maximum likelihood estimation and plug it in (where instructed). The tool will aggregate the information from the raw output and spit out a single line of model fit statistics for you to paste into a manuscript, poster, talk, or other document.

If you wish to compare nested models, feel free. The Aggregator will also allow you to generate fit information for a nested model, and will calculate the difference in chi squares between the two models and test that difference for statistical significance (note that fit information for both models must be present in the worksheet).

Coefficient Cruncher (v1.4)

A recent development that I’ve been using it to write up various sets of results, and it has greatly accelerated my output rate.  One of the most tedious things about writing up results is… well, writing up results. This helps.

The Coefficient Cruncher takes a set of model results and regurgitates the information in two formats. The first format is your basic in-text statistical report, in the style:
(B=[###], SE = [###], p < [.###]).
The second format is a row-mapped table of your results in standard APA style, which you can then edit as necesary. It has made putting together tables of coefficients and talking about findings from Mplus much much much much much much easier and faster.
Notes: The Coefficient Cruncher will report any and all model results in the “B, SE, t, p” fashion (in accordance with Mplus output styling), so be sure to change anything in your output that isn’t actually a B estimate (e.g., the correlations generated in standardized WITH statement outputs).


DISCLAIMER: I cannot guarantee that any of the tools provided here will be 100% effective (but I’ve certainly tried). Use them at your discretion. I’m neither a programming whiz nor a stat expert. I merely develop these tools to the extent that my expertise and time allows (and to the extent that my work has demanded them). I hope you find them useful for your research & training.

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