SPSS Regression Tabulator (v 2.2)

The Regression Tabulator is an Excel-based tool developed for use with SPSS regression analysis output. It is designed to accommodate multiple regression with a maximum of 20 predictor variables (which you will need to define). If you paste your “Coefficients” table into the worksheet (with or without confidence intervals), it will convert your SPSS output into three APA-style tables for you to choose from. The first features complete information unstandardized coefficients (B, SE, t, p). The second and third are truncated tables (unstandardized and standardized, respectively) that include reports of the model coefficients and standard errors, with asterisks indicating significance levels.

You can use this with stepwise (AKA hierarchical) regression analysis as well, as long as you indicate the number of steps or blocks that are in your analysis.

To use the table output, simply copy and paste into Word or a similar word processing program. The bottom row of the table (i.e., the row containing probability indicators) can also be pasted into a document.

As I or other users discover glitches or figure out ways to improve or expand the tool’s capabilities, I’ll make revisions available (as time allows).

Click here to download (hosted by Google. Select “Download File” on the file page).

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