SPSS Correlation Tabulator (v 1.4)

The Correlation Tabulator is a tool I designed for use with SPSS. It will require you to run a set of Pearson correlations in SPSS, paste the correlation table output into the tabulator (if you follow the instructions, of course). It will then take those results and compile them into an APA-style correlation table (coefficients reported to two decimal places, with asterisks indicating significance levels), which you can copy and paste into Word or a similar program.

You will need to make some small formatting adjustments afterwards (e.g., alignments and sizing between columns are things I’m still working on here – I haven’t sussed out a way to properly fix this yet in Excel), but the basics are in place when it works correctly. If I manage to figure out a solution, this tool will be updated.

Notes: The Correlation Tabulator can only accommodate a 20×20 correlation matrix.

Click here to download (hosted by Google. Select “Download File” on the file page).

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