Model Fit Aggregator v2.1

(Click here for information on the older version 1.2)

The Model Fit Aggregator is a tool I designed for use with Mplus model output. It compiles the results of goodness of fit tests and returns them to the user in easy-to-use APA-style for reporting in manuscripts, talks, posters, etc. It will also compare changes in goodness-of-fit across two nested models. 

The updates I’ve built into version 2.1 are geared toward increased flexibility — The Aggregator can now be used across a variety of methodologies including multiple groups models, latent growth curves, mediation models, and more. It also features conversions for models that use estimation procedures that don’t yield χ² values (e.g., latent variable x latent variable interaction models), and conducts comparisons of fit across nested models in this context as well.

Instructions for use are included in the file, and much simplified compared to version 1.

Click here to download the Model Fit Aggregator version 2.1 (hosted by Google Drive)

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